OFFER : Shri Radha Sky Gardens: Now in 40-30-30 Special Payment Plan

Are you among those who think that buying a house or 2BHK/3BHK flat is only for the richest of the next generation and soaring prices of property won’t let the middle class people to afford their own home? If yes then let me put the light on one of the iconic real estate developments introduced by the SHRI Radha Sky Gardens that offers luxury amenities along with the global infrastructure to those who dream to own a house at affordable pricing scheme.

40-30-30 Payment Plan: An opportunity to realize the dream of homeownership A special 40-30-30 payment method wherein the property buyers require to make payment in installments , for e.g. one needs to pay 40% of the total amount at the initial stage just after booking the house, the next 30% can be made on the completion of top floor casting, and the remaining 30% at the possession. So it would be an easy way out option for the first time property buyers as they do not need to lookout financial help from bank loan and from parents or other family members or friends. This payment scheme lets you not to miss out on home ownership exclusively designed for the young professionals who are dwelling in metro cities and paying hefty home rentals. 40-30-30 plan is challenging to those who believe that homeownership is now akin to an “exclusive members club”.

Where sky is not the limit when it comes to architecture & luxury… Shri Radha Sky Gardens residential real estate property projects have a sense of history and grandeur. The unique architecture reflects the traditional values along with the futuristic approach and symmetry that are inherent in all Indian art forms. Once you’re here. You may witness spectacular SHRI Radha Sky Gardens project with gleaming buildings and stunning surroundings apt for your dream home.

So don’t miss out, find out how to buy or invest and can reap the benefits of 40-30-30 Payment Plan.