LAUNCH : SHRI Radha Brij Vasundhara –Dream Resort in the foothills of Giriraj Maharaj!

Situated amidst the unexplored wilderness, we invite you to come and explore SHRI Radha Brij Vasundhra. The resort is in close proximity to Parikrama Marg, Goverdhan. The approach to SHRI Brij Vasundhra involves a drive along the countryside. One’s personal vehicle are not permitted beyond the entrance gate. After a mandatory security check is performed by the guards, pollution-free polo cars are used to take the visitors around the campus. Once you enter the premises, the green colour predominates. Right away, the landscaping will lure you into the temptation to explore more. The contemporary style and planning of this resort will for sure leave you in awe.The very sight of the exotic cottages will sweep you off your feet. The golf course is enthralling. The indoor swimming pool with temperature regulation instills a sense of delight. The in-campus multi-cuisine restaurant is definitely a treat to the taste buds.

The main door of the villa opens into the spacious living room. Bullet-proof glass sheets serve as the fourth wall of common rooms in each cottage. You can enjoy being in the lap of nature by simply stretching and relaxing your body underneath the sun. You need not worry about the sun tan because it's the in thing. High temperature is also not a concern because the place is about four- five degrees less hot than the city. Even then if you do not wish to expose your skin, you can always sit back in the air conditioned living room and embrace natural beauty.

If you're not much of an environment enthusiast, you can always enjoy the luxury around. Free HDTV service, clean linens, stylish furnishings, laundry services and the generous staff - each of them make you feel at home.