LAUNCH : SHRI Group Launches SHRI Radha Avenue with Luxury of Palms at your feet

AMathura/ Goverdhan, U.P : 25 Sept’2014- SHRI Group launched a new project “SHRI Radha Avenue”, spread over 22 Acres of land on the Mathura-Goverdhan Road. In this unmatched luxurious project. Company is providing vivacious amenities like gym and shopping plaza , named as Avenue Plaza, in the profound greenery of Palms. The property here, starting from 4.95 lakhs, can be owned at down payment as well as with the availability of construction linked plan(CPL).

Mr Harish Aurora, Director of SHRI Group, states, “ SHRI Radha Avenue is another milestone in the league of excellent accomplishments of SHRI Group, launched in 2014. The strategic designing of Palms around the wide pathways is an innovative approach of premium living in Goverdhan. The property is prime for the investment as it is estimated to give the highest returns in the upcoming time. The bookings for the villas and plots in the premier residential project have started and expected to gain momentum in no time”.

The exclusive villas and independent plots in the beautiful vicinity of Goverdhan and high end amenities is an upright investment. The villas with sturdy exteriors and attractive interiors profuse a comfortable and luxurious living. The landmark of the colonizing project is the avenue of palms which outstands it and brings about the luxury of palms at your feet.

The Avenue plaza is foreseen as a well equipped shopping complex for meeting the ends of necessities and luxury in the comeliness of green. The project is structured to provide a satiable residentship, giving an edge of luxury that gurantee a cozy lifestyle. Thereby, landscapic views and enriched living style sets apart the property at Avenue. f