SHRI Group to Launch AQUA Gardens at Patna Soon!

After the terrific response to SHRI Radha Sky Gardens, an architecture marvel designed by the Maestro Padam Bhushan Hafeez Contractor, SHRI Group to Launch AQUA Gardens at Patna.

About Shri Group

We come from Braj Bhoomi – and our work has successfully established our roots there.

Lt. Srinath Prasad founded the SHRI GROUP in 1931 for commodity trading. It later expanded to petrol pumps and bottled water. In 1998, the group entered the real estate market and keeping in line with the company practice of honesty and customer dedication, we have established ourselves amongst the reputed builders of Mathura, and now NCR. Over the past decade, we have become synonymous with the real estate business in Mathura, and are the brand name for “New Mathura”.


When our founder started the SHRI Group, he could not have imagined the growth his venture would see. But it’s his vision that has brought us where we are today. And now after having successfully delivered over 15 complete projects, we are ready with Aqua Gardens, a premium residential project at Greater NOIDA west.

After the terrific response to SHRI Radha Sky Gardens, an architecture marvel designed by the Maestro Padam Bhushan Hafeez Contractor, AQUA GARDENS is our second residential project in the NCR. Spread over 5 acres, this Vastu friendly project boasts of offering its residents “A Resort Style Living in a High rise”. Luxury 2 and 3 BHK Apartments where you can feel as one with naturehear the chirping of the birds and the gurgling of water – this is what we at SHRI are offering our patrons. With so much to do, experience and celebrate life truly is a vacation here!

“At the SHRI Group we pride ourselves on having something to offer everyone. AQUA GARDENS is more than ideal for those looking to invest in premium projects for premium returns.” Says Mr. Sudeep Agarwal, MD,SHRI Group. It’s also ideal for those who’d like to stay home in peace, but away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Set amidst expansive waterscapes, the apartments are a haven for students who come to the NCR to study and want the same peace and quiet that they are used to at home.

Whether it is townships, ultra -modern retail destinations or the most high-end residential apartments, SHRI Group is reputed for its flawless designing, superior construction and attention to detail. Our customer driven policies and social commitments are evident in our business dealings. Our latest offering Aqua garden stands on as sturdy a foundation as the trust we’ve built amongst our patrons over the years. And now we are attempting to bring the same legacy to Patliputra or Patna as it is commonly known. Once again Patna, we thank you for your trust and faith.

The motto and goal of the SHRI Group is ‘prosperity for all”. This can only be achieved through dedication, quality and experience – all reflected on our logo. Our projects do not interfere with the natural balance; rather we attempt to bring in a harmony with nature, inspired by Braj Bhoomi. At Aqua Gardens, the power of Vaastu compliance and the positive energy of flowing water, make the living experience one with nature. Your surrounding environment should inspire you, and that is what happens here.

For us at the SHRI Group, it’s a constant endeavor to give our patrons the very best and more. Our offering SHRI Radha Aqua Gardens is a symbol of our love and gratitude to you.