SANKALP : 'Sankalp' to go green at Noida and Mathura!

Today, SHRI Radha Sky Gardens in Greater Noida has done its part to revitalize its green cover and breathe clean and fresh air for years to come. Mr. Ashish Kaushik and Mr. Suresh Kaushik led the event at the township, which is sprawled across 50 acres and features terrace gardens.

Introducing innovative ways to maintain a synergy with Nature in ever-expanding metropolis where space is limited, Shri Radha Sky Gardens is an exemplary designed community that aims to transcend trends when it comes to maintain environmental balance without compromising on the demands of urbanization of the National Capital Region (NCR)

Shri Radha City ‘Sankalp Diwas’ will also be celebrated today at the centre garden of the Shri Radha City on Mathura-Goverdhan Road and Shri Radha Vintage that stands opposite to it. The events at both these townships will be led by Mr. Vishal.

Both these communities are situated at quite a strategic location in New Mathura, just 5 minutes away from NH-2. These ambitious project estates of the SHRI Group aim to provide affordable housing solutions with modern amenities to middle-class people.

Planting trees go a long way in developing idyllic settings in this burgeoning metro city. The trees planted here will help to enhance the quality of air in the area as well as regulate temperature during extreme weather conditions.

Mathura is the place where people come to seek divinity and calm. Whether it is the Kadamba tree besides River Yamuna or the upvans where Raas Lilas took place, forests and trees were an intrinsic unobtrusive part of several episodes of Krishna’s life. Now, it is up to us to maintain the home of Krishna as it was, as it should be. We can do so by nurturing the existing trees and planting the new ones.

An affordable dream home with urban lifestyle does not have to be situated in the jungle of concrete anymore. Join hands with the Shri Group to be responsible earthlings and make place for our ‘green’ brothers too.

Contact us at +91 80570 33333/44444 to know how you can participate in Sankalp Diwas!