SANKALP : A step by Shri Group to ‘Save our Earth’!

Last year, Zee News awarded 'Jewels of Real Estate - UP Residential' to the Shri Group. We believe and hope that a part of this recognition came from our efforts to be responsible real estate developers and design spaces to enhance the beauty of our Mother Earth, instead of disturbing the environs.

On 24th July 2012, the Shri Group initiated Sankalp Diwas to celebrate the 100th birthday of Late Shri Nath Agrawal - the founder of the group. Shri Nath Agrawal held true to the philosophy that –It means that a gentleman is like a tree. A tree itself bears all the heat and provides shade to others. Its fruits are for others too.

In 2012, we planted 2,100 saplings at Shri Radha Puram, situated on NH-2, Mathura.

This year, Shri Group is organizing a 7-day plantation event during 22nd to 28th July, 2013 to mark the 100th anniversary of Shri Jamuna Prasad - the co-founder of the group.

SHRI Group's Managing director, Mr. Sudeep Agrawal, inaugurated the event yesterday by planting a tree himself at Shri Jamuna Dhaam and Shri Radha Town in New Mathura yesterday.

He urged people to turn this plantation drive into a movement and invited people of all age groups to participate n Sankalp Diwas enthusiastically and infuse a new life in the process of increasing green cover in the city of Mathura.

Planting a tree seems like a simple task but each tree makes a difference in reversing the effects of depletion of our natural resources. The tree naturally removes Carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere and converts it into life-giving Oxygen – helping us fight the ‘Greenhouse effect’ and ‘Global Warming’. You might have experienced how a lush green region not only soothes your eyes but remains cooler in summers and warmer in winters as trees act as ‘windbreakers’.

Each tree produces enough oxygen to sustain two human beings and hence, when you plant a tree, you are saving lives of at least two people on the planet. Trees are natural air-quality enhancers and clean the pollutants from the air.

At Shri Group, we allow abundant green spaces in all our projects. Shri Radha Skygardens features over terrace gardens while Shri Radha Valley offer you ample green spaces to relax and be in touch with your spirituality.

At Shri Radha Florence in Vrindavan, we offer you your own kitchen garden where you can grow fresh vegetables as well as uninterrupted view of the sky. Independent living at its best, this project offers you clean fresh air that is so sorely missing in the urban areas these days. The luxurious Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara on the ‘Parikrama’ Marg in Goverdhan offers you not only a swimming pool, yoga and meditation services and luxurious cottages but also a lush-green setup and an exclusive golf course to evoke pleasure with spiritual ecstasy that characterizes the entire Mathura region.

On Sankalp Diwas, we take a vow to treat trees with the respect they deserve. We give a life to a tree and thus, save several lives – from those of small insects to birds to animals to human beings – in turn.

On Sankalp Diwas, we invite all of you to plant saplings with us on our project estates and know more about trees.