LAUNCH : SHRI Group Launches SHRI Radha Florence - The Kingdom of Krishna

Samudravasne devi parvatstanmandite! Vishnupatni namastubhyam padsparsham chhamsvame!!

Ah! The naughtiness of the godly child – Krishna – who hid on the Kadamba tree on the bank of River Yamuna and stole the hearts of the ‘Gopis’ when they come to bathe in the river with the divine music of his flute. The Gopis not only lost their hearts but their clothes too –and with that they lost the identity of ‘being’. They became ‘one’ with Krishna.

The love of Krishna – Radhika and Krishna and all his Gopis was so pure and so divine that its magic still lingers in Vrindavan. It is impossible to step in the city and not be moved by the intense love and complete surrender of ‘Gopis’ to Krishna – their Madhav, their Raasvihari, their BrajBihari.

The few green spaces that remain in the city are all sacred. Madhuvan is a lush grove where Krishna and Radha are still believed to meet on moonlit nights. Rang Bhavan in its centre is said to be their place for sensual dalliances. At Seva Kunj, they have a special bed to rest in and at Raman Reti, they stroll together on windy nights.

Vrindavan, known as the land of Lord Krishna, bears massive worth for the tourists as well as for the inhabitants in terms of belief and spirituality. A number of places in and nearby Vrindavan where the divine resonance of Lord Krishna can be felt, but the absence of superior recreational spots or living spaces or apartments has always been an eyesore.

To surmount this, Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority as well as private developers are eagerly interested in the infrastructural facelift of the region. Their major goal is to infuse fervor in the visitors and encourage them to make investments in the budding projects around the region.

SHRI Radha Florence in Vrindavan is our attempt to create a green ‘Madhuvan’ for you right in the heart of the city with uninterrupted views of the sky and your very own kitchen garden. This special project by the SHRI Group has been designed to help you claim the true pleasures of life that are losing their essence in humdrum of busy and overcrowded metros.

Spacious simplex and duplex villas and plots for those who desire a little more freedom and little more space to themselves. The 3-bedroom villas are designed with elegant and plush Italian architecture aesthetic appeal and an everlasting style, spacious and airy rooms and abundant size for a family – a room for kids, a room for you and your spouse, and a room for your parents/guests. The gated community is exclusive and is perfect to keep your family secure.

People who acquire properties here are sure to experience the world of independent living, that too at ‘down to earth’ prices. Also, developers are taking care of the eco-development that consists of water harvesting, greener and cleaner surroundings, prohibition of automobiles within the complex and making use of battery operated carts. With these developments taking place at a quick rate, prospective residents are able to benefit from the quality of life - life that is extremely contented.

Bringing together joys of this world and bliss of the higher one, Shri Radha Florence has lavish recreational facilities like an exclusive swimming pool, tennis courts and badminton courts for the residents, as well as lush green surroundings where spirituality and wellness dwells .