NOTE : 'India Shining' - A token of Hope by Sudeep Agrawal

The innumerable endeavours put in and the glories fetched to the state of Gujarat by Mr. Modi are etched deep within my mind. Narendra Modi truly deserves what he has earned in terms of fame. This Friday marks the commencement of 'Golden era' as India has finally tread on its way to a better tomorrow. The data and figures are clearly indicative that Modi is the choice of the majority, he is a star among the youth of our nation. A hearty congratulations to Mr. Modi and the BJP for an exhilarating victory by a clear majority. While other parties involved themselves in pwtty politics and blame game, BJP chalked out efficient strategies. It is now time to exceed expectations of the supporters. It is time to win the trust of those who voted against BJP. It is time to fulfil the promises made, to unite the nation, and to lead it on the track of development. I certainly believe that our newly elected Prime Minister will help India reach the height and fame it deserves.

Mr Sudeep Agarwal, Managing Director, Shri Group Mathura