OFFER : Coin The Golden Opportunity at SHRI Radha Sky Gardens

Celebrating the start of monsoon, SHRI Group has announced the 'Make Your Neighbourhood' scheme. The company calls in an initiative to allow people to choose their neighbours. Inline with their Mission 'Prosperity for All', a GOLD Coin or equivalent discount is offered on every successful referral. Mr. Harish Aurora (Director, SHRI Group), said 'We believe in building with strength, quality and integrity. And as an effort to reach out to the people close to you and create your neighbourhood experience a joyful everyday we thought of introducing the scheme.'

As a first in NCR Region, the Group had stepped up to collaborate with the architectural expertise of celebrated Ar. Hafeez Contractor for SHRI Radha Sky Gardens. The Company has endeavoured to provide for a lifestyle unmatched in the Braj region with innovative concept townships and natural design. Each of the projects are planned with intricate detailing and efforts of the team involving the management team themselves.

SHRI Radha Sky Gardens is one of the first projects of the Group in NCR region, which has already earned accolades for the company including the 'Most Promising project of the Year' and 'Pride of Noida' in 2014. The Project is set to be delivered in 2016 with its Luxurious Galaxia Club and the neighbourhood Sky Plaza. Over 80% of the bookings are already done. And the bookings for premium homes is now open to all.

Its a call for the Golden opportunity to win Gold coins and indeed choose whom you stay with. As someone said 'A good neighbour is a priceless treasure and a community of good neighbours is a party everyday.� Love thy Neighbour Choose thy Neighbour.