SANKALP : Children took ‘Sankalp’ to go green at Rajeev International School, Kota!

It was wonderful to see the exuberance and excitement of children as they planted trees at Rajeev International School (situated at Village Kota, opposite Saiyad NH2 Chhatikara, Mathura) today and took ‘Sankalp’ with Shri Group to go green and play an active role in maintaining environmental balance and harmony with Nature.

At the event, Mr. Shekhar Agrawal, Director of the Shri Group said, “At SHRI Group, we endeavour to bring about a behavioural change in people and make them aware about environmental hazards and global warming. We hope to stir people to play an active role to protect the environment and help the society through our corporate initiatives.

Children are the future of our world and it is the right time for them to understand the menaces they might face in the future and learn how to control them now. We also have an over-riding objective to turn Mathura into a greener and environment friendly city, which coming generations will inherit from us.'

Mr. Manoj Agrawal – Owner of RIS, and Ms. Nandita Dhingra were also present at the event.

Residents at Shri Radha Valley also planted trees under the aegis of ‘Our Society, My Home’ campaign. Mr. Jitendra Shrivastava and Mr. Ashish Mishra led the event Anyone, who wants to participate in ‘Sankalp Diwas’ and be a part of the ‘I Love Trees’ can visit Shri Radha Florence in Vrindavan on 24th July, 2013 or Shri Radha Sky Gardens in Noida on 25th July, 2013.

Mr. Neeraj Sharma will be leading the event at Shri Radha Florence. Vrindavan, is the place where Krishna used to herd cows. His divine ras lilas, set usually in a forest or a garden, still holds a magical charm in the consciousness of Vrajwasis. Shri Group is committed to revive the green cover of Vrindavan and give a new lease of life to its natural surroundings.

Shri Radha Sky Gardens is sprawled across 31 acres in Noida and features masterfully designed ecosystems and terrace gardens on every tower. “Situated in the National Capital Region, planting trees in Greater Noida is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to enhance the quality of air, regulate temperature and keep pollution under control in the area. Shri Group is committed to initiate awareness about importance of trees in our life and other environmental concerns in the face of ever-increasing urbanization', says Mr. Ashish Kaushik, who will be heading the event along with Mr. Suresh Kaushik at Shri Radha Sky Gardens.

Teachers and children at K D Dental College will also participate in the event tomorrow – on 24th July, 2013 – and will be led by Mr. Neeraj Agrawal.